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One cannot achieve big, unless one dreams big. After all, who has ever vouched for the ‘Average’? Career Guru will make you look beyond the cliché, we guide your way to the best educational institutions across the globe. We are one of India’s most comprehensive and professional educational consultants. Career Guru can help you achieve excellent results, we show you the pathway to the most efficient career options, which don’t just include mere studying abroad but availing quality standard education abroad. Our focus is on giving you quality education rather than just a foreign degree! We bring to you an ensemble of academic professionals to guide you in your career ahead!

Want to study abroad? Want to study at top institutions of the world? We at Career Guru can help you study at the best institutions like Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Stanford, Wharton… for Under Graduate, Post Graduate, MBA, MPhil, Ph.D and Executive Education Programs. Our mentors are from world’s top institutions like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Cornell, Oxford, LSE, Michigan, UCLA, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IITs, and many others. They have been there, done that. They know the admissions process inside out! They know the system, the courses, the institutions, whole application and admission process and also have in-depth knowledge about scholarships and financing.

How it works: The Process

Career Guru has developed a holistic and personalised Study Abroad Process that provides best advice on studying abroad and help through the entire admission process for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D, MBA and other courses anywhere in the world. Just contact us and leave the rest to Career Guru. We transform dreams into reality. Career Guru will guide you for admission in the best Institutions of the world matched specifically to your academic and personal profile. Career Guru will help you with: Selecting Course, Country & Institution, complete Application Process, Visa, Accommodation, Scholarship & Financing, and beyond.

    1. Profile Assessment: This is the starting point of all our services. We will first understand you through informal discussion, parent interactions (optional) followed by a structured personalised psychometric test. This way we will identify your personality, likes, dislike, aptitude, attitude, traits, strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Shortlisting: Next step is to answer questions like – What do you want to do? How do you want to do it? From Where – Which Country? Do you want to work there? Immigration? How will you finance your study? Availability of resources. Accordingly we will shortlist and identify target Courses, Institutions and Countries. In this step we identify and shortlist the options.

    3. Goal Identification, Matching and Planning: Career Guru will identify suitable career options and match your profile (identified/ assessed in step 1 and 2) to the best available Institution, Country, Stream and Program accordingly. We will match you with the University and course that fits your career and personal goals. This will help align your interests and goals with the right Course and Institution.

    4. Time line: We will work on a time line as to when to do what – like when to apply to which country or course, when to give language test etc. We work backward depending on the time left for application. It’s better to start early so that we have time for profile building.

    5. Profile Building Exercise: This is a very important and critical step in study abroad application process. If you want admission in a good institution, you need to build an impressive profile distinct from other applicants. It also helps in attracting substantial scholarships and grants. So we work on extra curricular activities, internships, up skilling activities, summer schools, community service and many other activities to add flair to your application and make you stand out of the crowd. The idea is to gain competitive advantage over other applicants.

    6. Entry Requirements: We identify entry requirements for courses, institutions and countries we want to apply and then work towards fulfilling them, like appearing for Tests like GMAT or IELTS, Work experience certificates, Transcripts, LORs, SOPs, Videos or any other requirements. We provide list of documents required for admission.

    7. LORs and SOPs: Career Guru helps in writing Statement of Purpose (SOP) and essay requirements (in most institutions) as it is one of the most important documents of your application process. You should be very clear on what do you want to do and it should reflect in your SOP. Your admission success depends a lot on SOP. We have witnessed that very good students (95% and above) were declined admission because of unimpressive SOPs. We help you write a persuasive and powerful SOP and essay so that you create a perfect with with course requirements. We also help with Letters of Recommendation (LOR) which again is very vital in securing admission. Some Institutions also require Motivation Letter, Resume, Curriculum Vitae or Video Recordings. Our counsellors give you complete guidelines for drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays and for filling application forms.

    8. Guidance on Test and Interview: Career Guru will help you prepare and achieve target scores in Tests required for Admission and Visa. Sometimes students are required to submit a video CV or need to appear for an online interview – our mentors are well aware of these and help your in perfecting them. We have identified key points, features and possible questions that will help you in admission interviews. We also conduct Mock Interview with Feedback so that you get an idea of the interview process, work on your strengths and improve where you are lacking. If required, we can conduct even a second round of Mock Interview.

    9. Scholarship Application: Career Guru helps you in securing scholarships, funding and grants for your studies. Our founder is a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar and she also got funding from DFID and Grants for travel, books, thesis printing, travel, research, books, clothing, and binding work. Our other mentors also have won many prestigious scholarships. So we are well aware of the system and help you develop a convincing case for financial support.

    10. Financing: Career Guru can help and guide you with Education Loans process to cover your tuition fees and living expenses. We also guide you on part-time work rules and how to get part-time jobs in your country of choice. Also some countries like Italy, have very good internship opportunities while in some countries the tuition fee is very less. So we at Career Guru help you find the best possible combination that fits with your available resources.

    11. Checklist and Final Application: Career Guru experts carefully check and re-check the application before applying to any Institution. We have developed a checklist and we ensure that all the entry requirements are fulfilled. Then we file the application online and upload all the required documents or through courier (required in some institutions). This ensures a quick decision on your application which can be very critical, especially when working under tight deadlines.

    12. Tracking: We track status of the application(s) till you get the unconditional offer letter(s). Sometime students gets conditional offer letter (this can be because results are not out, test scores are required etc). Acceptance of conditional offer letter, fulfilling the conditions and then tracking the final unconditional letter is all done by Career Guru. Its our job!

    13. Visa Application: Once you have successfully received Unconditional Admission Letter from your Dream Institution and have worked up on your finances the final step is to get Student Visa. Visa application is the most important step and a small mistake can render all other efforts futile. Without visa even an admission in top Ivy League University will be a total waste. Career Guru will help you with complete guidance and support on Visa Application, Processing and Interview. With accurate, complete and relevant supporting documentation getting student visa is easy and simple. Our counsellors guide you step by step with visa-processing right from filling the visa application forms to getting your documents ready and submitting them on time. We recommend to get all the documents and application form checked with us before submitting. This way you can avoid visa rejection.

    14. Accommodation: The team at Career Guru is experienced enough to advise students on suitable accommodation options that are available for students. This includes options available within the university campus, managed by the university, private options such as Paying Guest, Family Hosts and Hostel Services or Outside Accommodation. We rate housing options as per needs of students by taking into account prior experience of students who have spent their time at that university or accommodation. We help you find good accommodation if you want it outside campus or if University accommodation is unavailable. We can help provide accommodation in major destinations like Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

    15. Fly to your dream Institution: So now you are all set with your admission and visa. At this stage we do a brief session to acclimatise you to the new country, culture and people. This is very useful as we also give tips on how to open a bank account, how to buy a sim card, how and where to buy necessities and many other useful advise. And most importantly discuss and clear your doubts and anxieties. We provide pre-departure briefing which helps you to have an idea of the essentials to be kept in mind before you fly to your dream destination and start on a new journey.

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