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ACT is a standardized, curriculum-based, computerised exam, with no negative marking, for assessing school level knowledge acquired by students, required for college and university admissions in US, and accepted widely around the world, and also as an alternative to SAT. There is no specific eligibility criteria specified by ACT, and students even in grade 6 may write ACT. ACT is used by students to demonstrate subject-level competence to supplement their results, LoRs, and other requirements for undergraduate study.

Career Guru has developed extensive capabilities in ACT prep through instructors that are world class and have extensive experience working with ACT students. Our expert counsellors will work closely with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses area-wise and then develop personalised recommendations for improvement and refinement so as to maximise your performance in ACT. We will provide you with especially developed and curated test material, class content backed by extensive academic research, varied practice drills, simulations, practice sessions, updated material and course content, and full-length mock test and personalised support, along with essay grading for students who opt for it. Our experts will also share with you their time tested strategies on tips and tricks for maximising your performance on ACT. You will also study with a peer group that is highly focused and very motivated, thus providing you with a brilliant peer learning ecosystem. We understand this is very important especially for our younger students because they are very invested in their peer network. We will co-evolve a highly specialised and personalised learning plan that is guaranteed to work for you.

Apart from regular batches for ACT, Career Guru can also provide one-on-one personalised sessions for maximising your score and performance on ACT. You can supplement your learning by online content to suit your learning style and timing preference. If you would like to take SAT, instead of ACT, it is possible as most colleges and universities accept both scores. We advise you to try both at Career Guru before making up your mind on this as we have found over the years that many students prefer one over the other and score better in one over the other, though they are very similar school passing-out level tests. To know about SAT and how to choose between them go to SAT

Taking ACT

Online registration deadlines are strictly enforced and availability can fill up fast, so act quickly. If you are planning to take ACT register as soon as possible but definitely 5-6 weeks before the intended ACT test date. Block the date and venue and decide on colleges where you would like to send your scores. Remember not all locations are available on all dates throughout the year. ACT takes upto 8 weeks to send your scores to your selected colleges. So plan well in advance.

ACT Structure

ACT comprises of 4 sections for compulsory assessment: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing (Essay) as an optional 5th section. ACT lasts 2 hrs 55 minutes with an additional 40 minutes if you opt for essay as well.

Sections Number of Questions Time Limit (minutes) Syllabus
English 75 45 Usage, mechanism, and rhetorical skills in language
Math 60 60 Algebra, Geometry, Basic trigonometry, Reasoning, Problem-solving
Reading 40 35 Comprehension
Science 40 35 Interpretation, Analysis, Evaluation,
reasoning, Problem-solving
Essay (Optional) 1 40 Writing, logic, style, rhetoric, construction, argument

The sub scores within different sections are:

Section Sub-Score distribution
English Rhetorical Skills (1-18), Usage, Mechanics (1-18), Essay (2-12)
Mathematics Pre-Algebra or Elementary Algebra (1-18), Algebra and Coordinate Geometry (1-18), Plane Geometry and Trigonometry (1-18)
Reading Arts/Literature (1-18), Social Sciences/Sciences (1-18)
Science Not applicable

What is a good ACT Score?

It depends! On your choice of college and university and intensity of competition for a seat therein. All 4 sections are scored separately out of a maximum of 36 points and then averaged. Final score is actually an average of the 4 section scores. Highest score on ACT is 36 while the average is 21, anything less than 15 is considered a low score, and above 23/24 points is above average. You must aim for a score on the basis of your choice of college and university and the major that you want to choose therein. Our counsellors at Career Guru will help you make an informed and realistic choice on which Test to take, and then our instructors will work together with you to bring out your best performance.

Find ACT Syllabus, Scoring, Instructions, and Practice Test here.