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Class VI-VIII, Age 10-14: Budding Achievers

When’s a good time or the right age, right class to start thinking about career? If you are a parent of a 10-14 year old, career choice is probably not the most important thing on your mind. You are, like most, concerned about class scores, friends, sports, interests, activities and probably the iPad. Career Guru believes that this is actually the right time and the right age to start thinking and exploring career options and analysing what goes into choosing a career, if you have not already started thinking on this track.

Research by India Today found that 93% of students aged 14-21 years were aware of just seven career options. Economic Times reported that 85% candidates feel that they are not equipped to take career decisions. Business World in a study reported that 98% universities feel students need more Information and Counselling at school level to make right choices. Nasscom believes that more than 94% Indian engineering pass outs are unemployable. Research reported by Inc.com argues that upto 99% people feel that they chose the wrong career path.

A systematic and scientific approach is required to avoid career accidents and progression in the wrong direction. The first step to a bright and successful career is knowing how to choose one and to make an informed choice. This is the foundation stage of your child’s future. Tread extremely carefully to provide a strong and solid foundation. Introducing children to the world of work and career is the first informal step to career guidance. This is suitable time to start discussion about life after school, about career choices, different career profiles, how to make informed choices, key factors within and beyond control that influence decision. This is where Team Career Guru can be immensely helpful – we will counsel and guide your child at this crucial juncture between the ages of 10-14 years. We strongly suggest that you also start talking to your child in right earnestness about university, career and work.

In some boards, like ICSE, students are required to choose subjects for class 9th, and 10th Board examinations. They are required to decide subject choice when in class 8th. So class 6-8th is the right time to start thinking and finally decide by the time you reach class 8th. It is a critical step and decision. Most students are unaware of career options and only know popular options like doctor, engineer, teacher, police officer etc. Learning about other careers expands their understanding, informs their choices, and increases their probability of finding a suitable career(s) and decide their subjects accordingly. For example, a child may choose to drop Maths and later realise it’s required for studying Economics in many universities – a decision they have to later regret and then compromise either with the stream or with the quality of the University. Vice-versa is equally true. If the child is clear about their interests, aptitude, inclinations and career choices, and are uncomfortable with any subject, say Science or Maths or any other optional subject, then they can drop them and focus on their interests areas to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety of studying a subject that they don’t like and have an aptitude for. Every child is unique with their own set of traits and intelligences, hence its best to identify them as early in life and career as possible and select subjects and career options accordingly. This is also an opportune moment to identify strengths and weak spots. If you identify a career choice and realise you have a weakness in a related subject (say Chemistry if you want to study Medicine, or Hindi if you want to study Film Direction), students and parents can work harder and put in extra effort and develop capabilities in that subject over time – by the time you get to the entrance examination stage. Identifying weaknesses and problem areas early gives you time to work upon them and convert them into strenghts if it is required for your chosen career. It gives a clear direction and sense of purpose. Career Guru will help you achieve this!

Nowadays with so much pressure and intense competition some schools and coaching centres have started Engineering and Medical preparation from as early as class 6th (IIT, AIIMS and other entrance exams). We at Career Guru, believe this is an unhealthy trend. Firstly, because children are unaware of other career options and may be living someone else’s dream. Secondly, it creates too much burden (physical, mental and emotional) on the child. Not everyone wants to be an Engineer or Doctor. A wrong decision at this critical stage will have longterm repercussions on your child’s health, emotional wellbeing and career.

We Can Help

Co-create a Career Map: We at Career Guru use a systematic approach, based on sound scientific research and time-tested theories, discussed earlier, to help you evaluate available options, map a career profile and tentatively shortlist career choices. We will provide you with information and decision support in making career choices, and to move from conflict and confusion stage to clarity. We help you make informed decisions by deeply understanding your core strengths based on analyses of your psychometric traits, socio-economic background, academic performance, talents, interests, family influences, and matching skills, aptitude, attitude, interests, personality traits, parent’s perspective and expectations. This derives a personalised, specific career profile and helps you to choose (shortlist) subjects and career which you are more likely to enjoy and find satisfying in the long term.

Once probable subject and career choices are identified, we provide factual and insightful data about subjects, course content, job requirements, opportunities, lifelong scope, and peak potential in shortlisted careers. When you love your work, you are motivated, energised and confident. This will help you explore your unique potential and talent and work with a sense of fulfilment. You get a complete understanding of what you really are, what you are looking for, and what you really want for yourself. You will have clear goals and solutions to your subject and career questions and will have a clear direction and detailed picture on how to pursue your journey. Through our analysis you will also get to know topics, subjects and areas you need to focus on.

Multiple traits, parameters and intelligences that we assess enable our trained counsellors to match ‘you’ with specific subjects, streams and career options that you are most likely to enjoy and be successful at. They also discuss why, what and how of shortlisted careers and have an in-depth knowledge of career options, routes, pathways, procedure, nature of job and lifetime earning potential. Career Guru counsellor does not decide subjects, streams or career on your behalf but they enable you to reach the right decision. We provide an exhaustive report which provides a detailed, clear and specific analysis of your traits, personality and aptitude. We will report specific areas for improvement and suggest effective and simple methods, and a plan of action to implement betterment strategies. We suggest stream choices that are matched and best suited to you. Counselling sessions work best in personalised face to face format or online session. Parents are welcome to be a part of the counselling session so that their outlook, vision, dreams and aspirations are also incorporated. You get a complete personalised Plan of Action focusing on your subject and stream selection, career path, and deep focused insights for personality development.

The process of career guidance and counselling doesn’t stop here. We will offer you continuous support. Career Guru mentors are happy to help you by scheduling a personalised session, online or through phone if you have queries or confusions. We will work together to ensure your success!