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Career Internships

Career Guru is introducing a first-in-the-world practice in the field of Career Counselling. We try to put individuals in Internship roles in various organisations, and with practitioners if such openings are available. With internships, participant gets first-hand information and can make an informed choice after being immersed in a real-life work setting for the career of choice. This is also especially helpful for students who have little or no knowledge about a particular career and are inquisitive to experience new careers. This is also very helpful for individuals seeking a career switch or those who want to test waters.

This way each individual will get an opportunity to make informed career decisions, based on how a particular profession interested them in the real-life practical setting. This focuses on career-specific practical skills analysis. It gives an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and get hands-on practical exposure to the career of choice right from minute details to the holistic picture, ensuring enhanced accuracy and precision in career decision. It is a very unique, innovative and resource heavy way, but your life and career is worth it. Through this innovative model developed for the first time in the world by Career Guru you can get an opportunity to get hands-on exposure to every realm of the career by practically TRYING different careers, rather than assuming facts. You will get a 360-degree, holistic, and unbiased perspective of the career of your choice.

Students get a very clear understanding of their goals and future career decision – makes subject and stream choices highly structured and goal driven. Taking counselling early gives students opportunity to develop skills and build their CV required for their dream careers. This way we don’t just help you discover the right career, we guide you to prepare for it – an opportunity for both students and parents to develop a concrete Plan of Action. Career Guru will help you identify career pathways, build a CV and profile, prepare for entrance exams and interviews, apply for scholarships, and making necessary budgetary allocations.

With plethora of available career options to choose from, selecting one that works for you is a daunting challenge. Thats where Career Guru can help you. We can help you find realistic career choices and future career positions based upon your skills, personality, abilities, interests, and background. We sort through all available options, and if there’s a career that you’re especially interested in, but not quite qualified for, can help set you on the path to gaining necessary education as well. We conduct career assessment, resume building, career workshops for students and parents, one to one counselling, processing applications for admissions in different countries across the world, guidance on SOP and all other relevant details. Through interactions with students and parents, assessments, application of tools and techniques, we identify your strengths and weaknesses and help match your abilities to your perfect career. By understanding the person and discovering your weakness, we also identify which careers to avoid.

We then help identify and set achievable and realistic goals and targets for the short, medium and long term. We co-create and develop your best suited profile step by step keeping a hawk eye on the main career goal. This is a serious and rigorous exercise. Profile building will include multiple aspects like personality, development goals, skill development, internships, role plays, hobbies and interests, apart from developing and presenting required academic competence to reach your desired ivy league institution and your dream career. We will help you with all necessary inputs, and guide you on tools and material for crafting the perfect resume, LinkedIn profile, writing covering letters, Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, recording Video CV, creating your own channel, conducting mock interviews, organising interactions with industry experts etc. for highlighting your skills, expertise, and passion for the chosen education and career.

With our meticulously planned career guidance path Career Guru will help you reach the right University and the Right Job for you. We provide end to end career counselling services, give step by step guidance. We handhold you throughout your journey. So the earlier you start planning and working towards it, better the results. Come and start your dream journey with the highly experienced and educated mentors trained at the best institutions in the world.