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What is GMAT

  • GMAT is a computer adaptive test used for admission to MBA and other management programs accepted by over 6000 business and management programs globally.

  • GMAT has 4 sections out of which two – Quantitative and Verbal areas measures higher-order reasoning skills in a computer adaptive context implying that the test auto adjusts for difficulty level – it gets more difficult with better performance. GMAT also tests Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning ability. These sections are not computer adaptive.

  • GMAT does not allow you to skip questions, or to go back to an answered question.

GMAT Exam Structure

GMAT is divided into 4 sections with a total time allocation of 3 hours 30 minutes (with two optional 8-minute breaks), and tutorials.

GMAT Section Number of Questions Types of Question Time Limit Score Range
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Essay Topic Analysis of an argument 30 minutes 0-6
(in 0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning,
Graphics Interpretation,
Two-Part Analysis,
Table Analysis
30 minutes 1-8
(in 1-point increments)
Quantitative 31 Questions Data Sufficiency,
Problem Solving
62 minutes 6-51
(in 1-point increments)
Verbal 36 Questions Reading,
Critical Reasoning,
Sentence Correction
65 minutes 6-51
(in 1-point increments)
Total Exam time 3.5 hours including two optional breaks

Section Ordering

GMAT allows you the flexibility to choose the order of sections in which you would like to write the test (you get 2 minutes to decide the order at the test center), though number of questions and total time for each section is fixed.

Integrated Reasoning (IR)

The GMAT IR section is designed to test skills identified as important for management students by 740 management faculty worldwide. It consists of 12 questions covering 4 types of questions: Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, and Table Analysis. This has to be completed in 30 minutes. This section tests for:

  • Organising and Evaluating data from multiple sources

  • Synthesizing and manipulating data to interpret relationships and solve multiple, interrelated questions

  • Synthesizing data that is presented as and numbers, graphics, images, and text

  • Organising and manipulating data to solve complex problems that depend on students ability to make sense of multi-source information.

GMAT Scoring

An unofficial score report is available to the test student immediately post the test. Hoever, a final Score Report is normally available to selected schools within 3 weeks of writing the test. Remember, GMAT score percentiles can change over time as more students write the test. Scores for the 4 sections – Analytical Writing, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Total scores are all based on past three years’ score data.

Test Prep

Each individual has his own style of learning and a neural network that processes information differently. We at Career Guru understand that you need a personalised GMAT solution suited to your aptitude and learning style. We will provide you with the best training package that fits in tightly with how you learn best. This will involve an assessment by our experts of your learning style, so that what you decide works Best for you. Focused individual attention is ensured by keeping our batches small and targeted. We also offer a GMAT Pro format of training, which is like a crunch course and especially designed for high achievers who are targeting Ivy League universities around the world and want to score very high, or if you have a basic understanding but want to quickly improve your performance on the GMAT. This can also be done on a one-on-one basis for maximum performance. This is the best format existing today in the world.

GMAT Training will involve an exclusive or combination model of In-Class learning, Online Prep, Online Tutoring, Online Mock Testing, or Peer Shared Learning. Needless to say that you will always have access to your study material – anywhere in the world! The training material is sharply focused, matching the exact structure of the online GMAT test. It is designed to accurately target specific areas, along with building speed, which you need to ace the GMAT. Our expert instructors will take you through all official reading material, aptitude tests based on the course structure handed out by the GMAT Council, thousands of questions, online mock tests, practice drills, simulations, and revision lessons. Instructors will share nuggets of wisdom that they have developed over years of training GMAT students along with tricks and tips that will give you speed and validity.

Learning is incomplete without in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, both at an individual and relative level, and extensive feedback that is personalised to your learning style. Goal is to make you achieve your best potential and our instructors along with counsellors work extra hard to ensure that. We understand that our success is directly tied in with your success. You will have extensive resources at your command to aid your learning process – recorded training material, tutoring, detailed analysis with the score report, and feedback correction sessions – as many as you would like.