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Class XI & XII, Age 16-18: Young Stars

After class 10th examinations students are at the junction of what to do next and where to from here? It’s a very critical stage, an important milestone in Career Planning and Career Development, because many decisions made at this stage are fixed (most of the time), definitive, and mutually exclusive to multiple career choices. Hence career planning is very important at this stage for a smooth transition from school education to professional career choice. Students must get career counselling and assessment done to take the right career decision. This will be the bedrock for career determination in the immediate future. You MUST get guidance at this stage!

Career Guru helps you with all your career queries. We understand the academic and emotional pressures on students at this stage. We all understand their peer pressures. We know their choice maybe guided by what their friends think is ‘cool’, though they are unwilling to tell or acknowledge. We are here to help. We give clear understanding of career options (we have identified 12,000+ careers) and help you explore options and discover ideal career path and strategy for implementing it. We help with selection of career, country (India or abroad), institution, courses, finances and taking your career path forward. Career Guru will help you plan and work towards your first degree keeping in mind individualised personality-occupation synchronicity. For example, we can help science students (PCM or PCB) think beyond Medicine and Engineering (if desired), as there are many other career options by pursuing pure sciences. We can also advise you on stream choices like economics, history, law, commerce, humanities or other subjects.

Once we have together decided or shortlisted career options, comes the next crucial stage of course, college, and country selection. Career Guru will help you find and apply to the best colleges in India and Abroad. Career Guru helps you with A to Z of college admission process – identify and learn about Stream options, Major and Minor Streams, information about Eligibility criterion, Test Prep, Entrance exams, Application Form, Scholarship Deadlines, Application and Interviews, Course Selection and Program Choice, Colleges and Universities, Admission Interview Prep, Financing options and related Paperwork, Accommodation Choice, Country identification, processing of application with LORs and SOPs, and Visa process and Interview, Travel assistance and Insurance etc – as required. Sometimes students are confused if they should choose college over course, or course over college – Career Guru will help you how decide.

Discover your dream career with Career Guru!!