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A Master’s degree is probably the highest educational degree most will get. This is the most critical stage in the career and growth journey. This stage determines the career choices that most will live with for a lifetime, though increasingly individuals are opting for career switch at the mid-career stage. If this is the highest qualification you are going to get, it needs maximum deliberation, planning and strategising. Career Guru will help you answer questions like: Which field and line of career, which country, where (location), which college, will you like to live there, what are the growth prospects in a particular career in a particular location, what about visa requirements, quality of life, will you like to get married and live there, have, and raise kids, build a business, immigrate, retire and so on? Here we will match your personality traits, attitude, and aptitude with professional trajectories and career choices to arrive at a holistic decision that will be relevant at least for the next 5-10 years. To arrive at this decision, we match from a repository of more than 800 personality traits and over 12,000 jobs, which is probably the most comprehensive assessment at the global level.

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