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Post Graduates & Working Professionals: Flying Stars

Tired of not achieving your goals?

Career Guru counsellors are experts at not only advising freshmen but working professionals. We will help you in answering a range of questions and deciding issues like:

  1. Which job offer to take? Which is better in short or long term? Why?
  2. Continue with the same job or try for another role in the same organisation?
  3. Ask for a raise or promotion or that prize posting? Now or later?
  4. Continue with the same project/ team or ask for reassignment?
  5. Whether to continue in the same location or agree to a new location if it brings growth?
  6. Will you fit in and thrive or barely survive?
  7. Whether to move international if your Boss says so?
  8. Whether to continue working with the company or change company?
  9. Whether you need new skills, training, certification, or education?
  10. Whether to make that career switch which seems attractive? Does it have a future? Would you fit in? Can you lead the change?
  11. Whether to start a new line of career after having reached mid-career positions?
  12. Whether to continue with a job or become an entrepreneur?
  13. Whether to go solo or with a partner if you are thinking of entrepreneurship?
  14. Whether your job is/will affect your home, partner, and relationships? How will you be able to manage them?
  15. Whether to continue working or take early retirement? Can you handle social and financial anxieties of an early retirement?
  16. Whether you can handle physical and emotional stress of late retirement?
  17. What hobbies to pursue given your personality type?
  18. Which charities to support?

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