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Class IX & X, Age 14-16: Teen Stars

When students reach class IX-Xth their anxiety level as well as that of parents (may be even more than children) is very high. It’s very common to be bombarded with: ‘Oh, You have boards!’, “Which subjects are you planning to take?”, and endless suggestion on which stream you should take and why, with thousands of examples and stories of somebody’s son or daughter or cousin.

Anxiety is not just about board examinations and scores but also about selecting the stream for class XI – Science with Math or Science with Biology, Commerce or Arts/ Humanities. Stream selection determines career path and doors to various careers, but at the same time closes doors for alternate career choices – its mutually exclusive. The pressure and apprehensions are quite high because of one’s own dreams, career goals, aims, aspirations and also because of pressure and expectations of friends, family, peers, and society. Stream selection is an important and critical decision and demands a clear focus of what you want to do and requires parental guidance and support. With zillions of career options available – Career Guru has actually developed a list of more than 12,000 careers – there is no ‘one’ best stream to choose. It’s very common that many students choose a particular stream because of their parents dreams rather than their own, and sometimes due to peer influence. All my friends are taking French, so I will also take French – I am surely we have all heard that!

We at Career Guru believe that this is not the right approach. You should choose the stream based on career path you want to follow and more importantly can follow based on your traits, personality, interests, aptitude strengths, dreams and aspirations. This way you will have a very bright and fulfilling professional career and personal life. Our trained counsellors, use scientific assessment tools to help you discover your true self and your true calling in a methodological and structured way and match your profile to relevant career options and career pathways, enabling you to make an informed choice of stream. There is a lot of science and experience behind this!

Questions At This Stage

Career Guru can help you answer questions that become central at this stage of life and career. Through tests and counselling we will enable you to decide: Whether to go for Boarding School or not, if yes, whether to study in India or abroad at this stage, which stream to take, what should we build towards, which subjects to study and why, possible career options and their assessment, how and why of habit formation, attitude development etc? Broad trends and relationships between personality, occupational and educational streams can be determined at this stage – long term career counselling will enable a sharper focus on selection of path, profile building, role models, reading list and final career choices. It’s a very good determining point for future life and career trajectory.

If your dream is to study at an Ivy League University after class 12th then this is the right time to start working towards it. We will co-create your profile and CV over the years to match entry requirements of the best institutions in the world like Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, LSE, Oxford, UCL, Kings, Imperial and other top universities around the world. This also helps in getting international scholarships, funding, need or merit based grants, studentships, travel and research allowances, fellowship etc.