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Interview Prep

Interviews are crucial at each and every step of our career, right from School, College, University Admissions to Career and Job. Interview is a critical part of the selection process at many Institutions in India and Abroad. In fact they actually play ‘decider’ in final selection. So whether you plan to go abroad for studies, plan to study in India, are applying for scholarships or planning to apply for a job, everything will depend on your interviewing skills. Interview is also required for Visa application processing.

Career Guru offers Interview Preparation for Students as well as Working Professionals. We have the experience of interviewing thousands of students and working professionals for International Universities, IIMs, top B-Schools in the world and for jobs. The real challenge is to differentiate yourself and gain competitive advantage. You need the right approach and the right mentor to help you reach your goal. All your hard-work will be fruitful IF you can convert the interview call into an admission or job offer. We will handhold and mentor you to reach your Dream Institution.

We have developed a four-step in-depth Personal Interview Process Preparation Program.

  1. Training: Start with an orientation session followed by a preparatory session on “How to Crack Interview”. Our team is dedicated towards walking with you till the last mile. We don’t leave it at just teaching, training and counselling. We do that and then we do the next step. We put Learning to Action.

  2. Mock interviews: Next students will get a personalised, realistic interview panel and will appear for an in-person 30-minute (max) mock interview. The panel will comprise experts who will ask you questions specially crafted for you. We take this step very seriously. We have a proprietary methodology which comprises of hundreds of variables and attributes that we match to your strengths, weaknesses and your CV before we even meet you in person. This is a huge extra effort that we put in as part of the interviewing panel. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your success. After all, if we don’t prepare well, we can’t coach and mentor you well. A good teacher always prepares harder than the students!

  3. Debriefing: This is the most critical step. This is where we add maximum value to your candidature. We have put in advance effort before interviewing you, we have taught you what to do, we have interviewed you in detail, now is the time for Feedback. Each interviewee will receive a detailed debriefing, spending as much time as is required for personalised analysis and guidance. All interviews will be video recorded, analysed and candidates will get personalised face to face feedback where they can see themselves what we are advising and why. The debrief will enable us to scientifically identify your strengths and weaknesses, analyse your personality and attitude, and make bespoke/custom recommendations. This step will help channelize your thoughts and co-develop clarity on how to face an interviewer and answer questions correctly and confidently. We will also help you with personality-related aspects, body language, clothing, appearance, temperament, how to make a first impression and to comfortably sail through the entire interview. You will learn the skill of how to get the interviewer to ask the question that you want him to ask. We will even tell you how to answer a question that you have no clue of!

  4. Continuous Support: This step is our commitment to our students. You will get continuous support from mentors. We value you as a person and would like to walk along with you on your journey to success. We understand this is not just an academic journey – its emotional and aspirational. We will always be welcoming if you want to come back and talk to us about anything in your life and career. It is not a contract that we are entering into, but a relationship. We are here to nurture. If you can’t visit us physically, though we would love to see you face-to-face, please feel free to get in touch via any online medium (WhatsApp/Skype/Google) and we will be happy to connect.