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Career Guru is a professional education and career consulting service. Career Guru is a birth child of eminent protégées from elite institutions like University of Cambridge, MIT (USA), Harvard University and and many others (Know more About Us). The vision behind the setup is to sculpt out the best career paths for our students. Our aim is to open the world through education. We help students identify their Career Quotient, to identify their true calling, what they are passionate about and help them turn their passion into a successful career. With right guidance at the right time, from the right experts you can reach the peak sooner in your field of choice – academics, fine art, music, sports, culinary skills, administration, painting, law, journalism, business, medical, or any other from the seamless ocean of careers and opportunities.

Ask a small child what do you want to do or be when you grow up? The answer keeps on changing with age as the child is fascinated towards something one day and towards another after a few days, months or years. For example a child who wants to be a Doctor may suddenly, after a visit to a doctor for check-up or vaccination, may decide against becoming a doctor. Choice of careers can be from mainstream careers like doctor, cricketer, actor, police man, pilot or judge or be what many call offbeat like singer, musician, dancer, pianist, gardener or painter. The career change can be dramatic, with their own justifications and reasons, and can be as strange as fire fighter (you get to help people in danger) or gardener (as you get to grow beautiful and colourful flowers) to President (He travels in a fleet of shinning BMWs) to Prime Minister (watches him speak everyday on TV, and photo on the front page of newspapers). Then suddenly they can decide to be just like Mom or Dad- takeover their business or be a teacher.

However, when the same child grows up and is more aware of his context, and probably more mature, and you ask them the same question, what path they want to take, then don’t be surprised to get an answer that I don’t know. Parents tell their kids that the world is at the doorstep and they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. At Career Guru we understand that while it’s true that they can be anything they want, we must remember they can’t be everything. They must choose. They must focus. They must persevere. They must pay the price. At Career Guru, we help children and their parents realise their true potential and guide them to take this most important decision of their life based on their aptitude, attitude, likes and dislike, abilities, strengths and weakness and what they aspire for (if they have clarity about it, else we will enable them to clarify it for themselves – Thats what we do!).

We find students are very confused about selection of subjects, stream, pathways and career choices – we have identified over 12,000 career options. There are also hundreds of career avenues with new ones emerging at a rapid pace, about which most of students and parents are unaware of or have many preconceived and mis-informed notions. There is also lack of knowledge about careers and their economic scope and potential growth in the future. We help you identify your ideal career which co-aligns with your personality, traits, attitude and aptitude. Through a comprehensive personality assessment and one-to-one personalised counselling we help students to find their ideal subject, stream, or combinations. It’s a scientific process determined by research that is strongly rooted in neuroscience, brain studies, personality assessment, psychological research, occupational context, and labor market trends, analysis and forecasting. This is where we add maximum value not just for your career, but also for your life, your teams, your relationships – both personal and professional, nurturing for achieving your full potential. We develop a long-lasting and nurturing relationship with you!

What is Career Counselling?

Counselling is the scientific process of assessing, identifying, changing, nurturing and guiding individuals to achieve their maximum potential in career and life by achieving a tight synchronisation between existing capabilities, attitudes and attributes, and unmanifest potential and capacity inherent in each individual.

Our highly trained professional experts will provide deep listening, resolve non-agreement between parents and children, build rapport and trust, make individualised assessment, give guidance, moral and emotional support, and tools and techniques to actualise your full potential. They will also identify problems faced and provide personalised solutions. We will create a personalised Career Plan and Implement it along with you.

Career is seeded in childhood and develops for the rest of your life, influenced by your capabilities, capacity, interests, family background, education, value system, and personality traits. Career Counselling will help you understand your own self, occupational trends, job scenarios, growth prospects, opportunities and the total market size in terms of employment numbers, so that you can take an informed decision about your education, career, change, and life. You have all the answers within you. Career Guru will enable you to find them for yourself for building a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Career Guru Counsellors are Top Professionals

Are you confused about subject selection after class 8, stream selection after 10th, Which College or University after 12th, after Bachelors, whether/which Masters program, whether to study in India or Study Abroad, which country, which course, which scholarship etc? We will help you answer these questions.

  1. CG Counsellors are problem solvers, keen listeners, observant, and very knowledgeable of career dynamics across sectors to effectively guide you in your career decisions.

  2. CG Counsellors create a safe and secure environment. They will put you at ease so that you can confidently and freely discuss life and career choices without inhibition, with the assurance of complete confidentiality.

  3. CG Counsellors are trained to fully understand the importance of Trust and Confidence and are equipped to handle emotional and developmental issues so that students and parents develop faith in the Counsellor.

  4. CG Counsellors are experts at conducting, interpreting and advising on Psychometric Tests and Assessments. These are scientific, standardised tests to evaluate attitude, interest, occupational fit, job profiling, aptitude, traits, value system, relationship congruence, team work, capability, leadership style and potential, and personality type. Per this, CG Counsellors will ascertain your behavior, emotional strength, interests, skills, style etc and match it with career choices. This will highlight, through a rigorous scientific process career domains, pathways, trajectories, and short and long-term peak performance potential for each individual.


Career Guru, through our proprietary researched process, we will enable you to:

  • Stop running at the same spot. Think and decide what you want to achieve and what are your goals – immediate, medium and long term.

  • Develop a study and career plan specific to your context and implement it over time.
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for yourself and learn how to achieve them. It’s a discipline.

  • Understand nuances of financial future and security and which courses/jobs will enable you to achieve it.

  • How to track weak signals in the industry structure to seize the next Big opportunities. For example, post Covid, Disaster Management and Business Continuity Planning will be a huge economic opportunity. So is online retail and education, or cloud kitchens or online ticketed music events! We will help you choose and develop capabilities on the same.

  • Feel confident and empowered from within. Nurture your passion. If you are in career, ask your Boss for that promotion that you have been eyeing for long.

  • How to create opportunities to display your strengths and potential.

  • Take a leadership role: convert information to transformation.

  • Turn your dreams into reality. Live the Magical Life!


For us at Career Guru your career is our passion and our job. Helping you discover the right career is just the beginning – the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t stop there. We are there for your entire career journey. Its not a one-off event but a nurturing process. Longer the engagement, better the results. At each step of your career we will identify qualification(s), experiences, strengths and weakness and match it tightly with your desired salary, career aspirations, dreams, personal traits, hobbies, interests, location, job market and educational possibilities – basically a holistic solution.

Personality assessment and Occupational fit testing tools are used to make career decisions. These assessment traverse multiple categories like: Motivation, Attitudes, Leadership, Career, Occupational Interest, Leisure, Relationship, Habits, Interests Profile, Ability, Orientation, Personality Type and Structure, Motives, Values and Preference Inventory, and Aptitude tests. Logic behind these tests is that people with similar scores on multiple variables and attributes will have a better fit with each other and will probably have similar life and occupational preferences. For example, people with different aptitudes say for Creativity or Maths will have different occupational goals and fit, which can serve as a credible predictor of success. Career choice can be further corroborated by Personality Type and Structure tests like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or JTI or 16 Factor test.



  1. Interaction with student and parents (optional): About the family, members and their interpersonal interactions. Students academic background, likes and dislikes, traits, hobbies, reading, writing, like or dislike for a subject/ career, extracurricular activities and participation.

  2. Testing: Psychometric, Aptitude and other Attributes – We assess and determine inherent traits, interests, aptitude and personality of individuals.

  3. Report Generation and Evaluation: After testing, report is generated and evaluated by our national and international experts.

  4. Counselling: The next and the most critical step is one-to-one counselling. This is important for interpretation of results and application of concepts at a personalised level. In depth analysis is possible only in an individualised setting – online or face to face. This is where maximum value is added. Herein we match trait findings from the test, and your personality with stream and subject selection, evaluation of career options, and career choice decision – from a list of over 12,000 career options.

  5. Career Path Strategy: Carving career pathways, creating strategy to reach goals, after the choice of career, course, location, and institution.

  6. Strategy Implementation: Profile and CV building, Test preparation and writing, Interview preparation, SOPs, LORs, Video submission, Application, Scholarship application and Scholarship Interview preparation, Visa, Bank Loan and Financial Planning, Mock interviews, Feedback for improvement and further iterations.

  7. Goal Achievement: Selection, Financial Planning, pre and post departure support.

  8. Success & Long-term Future Planning.


We offer personalised career guidance and counselling for all age groups but we strongly urge parents to start early on this journey. The earlier you start the better will be the outcome, not just professional development but also and more so  the personal development. Our counsellors are expert professionals who will be able to assess, identify, analyse and recommend learning styles and patterns for your child and also possible professional pathways. We will also be able to help you choose what fits best with and for your child. We must begin early if we want to cover a long journey.

Unleash your child’s full potential with Career Guru! Let them bloom and shine early in life. We use scientifically proven methodologies, techniques, and software to assess personality, attitudes and aptitude of children as young as 4-5 years. This has become possible because of tremendous progress made in the last 2 decades in the field of brain imaging, mapping, neuroscience, behavioural studies, brain plasticity, and neural networks. We have skills to counsel and provide guidance to children 5 years of age and onwards.

Our Programs

  1. Class KG to V, Age 5-10: Little Angels
  2. Class VI-VIII, Age 10-14: Budding Achievers
  3. Class IX & X, Age 14-16: Teen Stars
  4. Class XI & XII, Age 16-18: Young Stars
  5. Undergraduates and 18+: Rock Stars
  6. Post Graduates & Working Professionals: Flying Stars


Find out now how Career Guru can help you achieve your potential. Book a free 30-minute consultation with no obligation. It’s important for your career and growth and its entirely on us. Why, because we are passionate about what we do. We feel you must get direction and guidance because it’s significantly better than not having it.

How it works:

  1. Choose an available date and time
  2. Share your contact details and answer the questions
  3. Submit
  4. We will confirm your appointment – online or face to face.
  5. Block your calendar and connect at the confirmed time. We can meet, talk on the phone, or connect online.


We would love to meet you in person, but if inconvenient, we can talk on the phone or do a video call. Our first session will typically take 30 minutes, though we are not looking at the watch. We will develop a Plan of Action to which you will commit yourself. Counselling frequency will be determined by what and how much you want to achieve. It can typically last 6-10 sessions spread over 5-6 months. Sessions will strive for holistic guidance based on your passion, interest, education, work, and life balance to bring out the best that you can be. Confidentiality is strictly ensured.

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