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We offer personalised career guidance and counselling for all age groups but we strongly urge parents to start early on this journey. The earlier you start the better will be the outcome, not just professional development but also and more so personal development. Our counsellors are expert professionals who will be able to assess, identify, analyse and recommend learning styles and patterns for your child and also possible professional pathways. We will also be able to highlight what fits best with and for your child. We must begin early if we want to cover a long journey.

Unleash your child’s full potential with Career Guru! Let them bloom and shine early in life. We use scientifically proven methodologies, techniques, and software to assess personality, attitudes and aptitude of children as young as 4-5 years. This has become possible because of tremendous progress made in the last 2 decades in the field of brain imaging, brain plasticity, and neural networks. We have skills to counsel and provide guidance to children 5 years of age and onwards.

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Our Programs

  1. Class KG to V, Age 5-10: Little Angels
  2. Class VI-VIII, Age 10-14: Budding Achievers
  3. Class IX & X, Age 14-16: Teen Stars
  4. Class XI & XII, Age 16-18: Young Stars
  5. Undergraduates and 18+ : Rock Stars
  6. Post Graduates & Working Professionals: Flying Stars


Early Mover Advantage

Class KG to V (5 to 10 Years): Little Angels

Career path is a progression, it’s a process, and can not be decided or achieved in a day, in couple of days, in weeks, in months or even in years. It evolves gradually as the child grows and the earlier one starts this process the better. The first step towards this is to understand the child, identify innate traits, abilities, characteristics (like curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent etc.) and to have an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses. All this and more at Career Guru helps in understanding the child better, in developing an effective and efficient method of communication and also in understanding learning style and pattern. Every child is unique and is born with different and multiple talents, potential, attitude and aptitude. We at Career Guru help you to recognise the true potential of your child: their likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness, best learning style, and there by help carve their future path in a scientific way.

As an infant moves into toddlerhood, they learn new ways of life which help them to expand horizons. Ages 3 to 10 years is the most formative age of a child. 80% of brain development is complet within 10 years and the plasticity of the brain reduces increasingly after 10 years of age. This is an ideal age to identify the right holistic education style and approach, and to facilitate guidance based on their learning style, innate traits and capabilities. It’s the Foundation stage, not a career stage, thus we give importance to creativity and different activities apart from English, Science and Math. Early brain development has a lasting impact on child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and later in professional and personal life.

Child’s early years hold the key to their success as studies show that children who are healthy and prepared when they are in kindergarten do better in school and are more likely to graduate from a good institution, are better prepared for job opportunities and have a successful career and personal relationships. Studies also show that children with access to quality early learning have good vocabulary, better language, math, social skills, more positive relationships with classmates, and have more school-readiness. Research highlights that the skills and abilities most employers look for are focus, self-discipline, motivation and collaboration and all of these start to take root in first ten years of your life. The quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life – positive or negative – help shape how their brain develops and thus their life view. U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports this idea in the following words: “The capacity for developmental skills begins in the first five years of life. This is the beginning point for a person’s creativity, communication, team working, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.”

Knowing a child’s potential at an early age helps parents in making smart and easy decisions on parenting styles and educational methods. This can guide parents in proper planning of child’s future and in choosing and deciding the play school, school, courses, extra curricular activities accordingly. Helps in identifying places where the module/ content/ syllabus suit the child’s inborn learning style (for example, Kinesthetic learner learns best at Montessori due to its activity-based method). It also eliminates ‘trial and error’ as parents send child to certain activities/ classes like art, music, painting, computers, coding, robotics or dance or any other without knowing if the child has interest, aptitude or inclination towards it and whether they will comprehend and enjoy the content or not. Career Guru helps parents get an early insight into their child and thus parents can groom them efficiently and effectively suited to the abilities, skills, talents and strengths they possess. The idea is to identify their potential early, and provide guidance accordingly to help expand their potential, develop strengths and improve upon their weakness, so that they develop a better personality to face the future.

According to Marian Diamond, a neuropsychologist at the University of California-Berkeley, human brain can change and improve with use. The theory, “Plasticity of the Brain” implies environmental conditions, interpersonal stimulation, and the way in which individuals think and behave actually change the body, brain, and intelligence (Diamond, 1988). So by identifying traits, and strengths and weakness, one can start working upon them. Over a period of time, with efforts, one can acquire desired skills. Then there will not be a great difference between inborn aptitude and acquired skills. Many people fail to identify their inborn talent due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting career and extra-curricular activities. We at Career Guru help you and your child with all this. We will help you match you natural talent with opportunities in the present and future world.

At Career Guru we asses your child and identify dominant intelligence. As Gardner’s theory suggests, a child doesn’t have only one intellectual capacity but a range of talents and abilities. A child might have a dominant intelligence – such as musical intelligence – but is likely to have a blend of additional abilities too like Naturalist. Dr. Gardner says that our schools and culture focus most of their attention on Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical intelligence. We should also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in other Intelligences: artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs, and others. Unfortunately, many children who have these gifts don’t receive required reinforcement for them from parents and in school. Many of these kids, thus become underachievers in school, when their unique ways of thinking and learning aren’t addressed by a heavily linguistic or logical-mathematical classroom. We at Career Guru argue for a major transformation in the way children are trained and educated. It should include music, cooperative learning, art, activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, mindfulness, awareness, and much more. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences also helps to explain why people are more suited to certain careers, and may be quite unsuited to others. Stop asking “How smart is my Child?” and start asking “How is my Child Smart.” Through following this systematic approach we can nurture your child’s individual needs and strengths. You never know what’s the hidden talent in your child. Mozart started playing and composing music by five years of age, and Pablo Picasso painted Picador at the age of eight years.

“Everyone is a Genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” It’s very important to understand that each child is different and has different abilities, talent and multiple intelligences. So don’t compare them with others. Stop asking a fish to climb a tree. Try and identify their Inborn Talent and build upon it, and they will surely excel in life.

At Career Guru, our analysis will clearly highlight your child’s Inborn Talent, Multiple Intelligences, preferred learning style, and level of various quotients, personality trait, strength and weaknesses. Our test reports will include report on multiple intelligences and will also identify the dominant intelligence for each individual, will list strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, their personality type, and their naturally preferred learning style. We will provide further assistance in selection of Extra Curricular activities, Stream Selection and Career Recommendations. At Career guru we identify the weak skills and suggest how they can be strengthened by using fun and challenging mental exercises. Cognitive strengths and weaknesses have a huge impact on career and success – we will help you identify talent and nurture it in the right direction at the right time. We will also develop a detailed cognitive assessment analysis on how your child is performing cognitively (based on the Guilford’s theory). Career Guru will not just tell you an issue, we will work together to develop it and strengthen it over time. We are here not to flag issues, but deliver solutions. Come and speak to us – in person or online, from anywhere in the world!

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Class VI-VIII (10-14 years)- Budding Achievers

When’s a good time or the right age, right class to start thinking about career? If you are a parent of a 10 year old, or 12-14 year old, career choice is probably not the most important thing on your mind. You are, like most, concerned about marks, friends, sports, interests, activities and probably the iPad.

Career Guru believes that this is actually the right time and the right age to start thinking and exploring career options and analysing what goes into choosing a career, if you have not already started thinking on this track. A systematic and scientific approach is required to avoid career accidents and progression in the wrong direction. The first step to a bright and successful career is to know how to choose one and to make an informed choice. This is the foundation stage of your child’s future. Tread extremely carefully to provide a strong and solid foundation. Introducing children to the world of work and career is the first informal step to career guidance. This is suitable time to start discussion about life after school, about career choices, different career profiles, how to make informed choices, key factors within and beyond control that influence decision. This is where Team Career Guru can be immensely helpful – we will counsel and guide your child at this crucial juncture between the ages of 10-14 years.

In some boards, like ICSE, students are required to choose subjects for class 9th, and 10th Board examinations. They are required to decide subject choice when in class 8th. So class 6-8th is the right time to start thinking and finally decide by the time you reach class 8th. It is a critical step and decision. Most students are unaware of career options and only know popular options like doctor, engineer, teacher, police officer etc. Learning about other careers expands their understanding, informs their choices, and increases their probability of finding a suitable career(s) and decide their subjects accordingly. For example, a child may choose to drop Maths and later realise it’s required for studying Economics in many universities – a decision they have to later regret and then compromise either with the stream or with the quality of the University. Vice-versa is equally true. If the child is clear about their interests, aptitude, inclinations and career choices, and are uncomfortable with any subject, say Science or Maths or any other optional subject, then they can drop them and focus on their interests areas to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety of studying a subject that they don’t like and have an aptitude for. Every child is unique with their own set of traits and intelligences, hence its best to identify them as early in life and career as possible and select subjects and career options accordingly. This is also an opportune moment to identify strengths and weak spots. If you identify a career choice and realise you have a weakness in a related subject (say Chemistry if you want to study Medicine, or Hindi if you want to study Film Direction), students and parents can work harder and put in extra effort and develop capabilities in that subject over time – by the time you get to the entrance examination stage. Identifying weaknesses and problem areas early gives you time to work upon them and convert them into strenghts if it is required for your chosen career. It gives a clear direction and sense of purpose. Career Guru will help you achieve this!

Nowadays with so much pressure and intense competition some schools and coaching centres have started Engineering and Medical preparation from as early as class 6th (IIT, AIIMS and other entrance exams). We at Career Guru, believe this is an unhealthy trend. Firstly, because children are unaware of other career options and may be living their parents dream. Secondly, it creates too much burden (physical, mental and emotional) on the child. Not everyone wants to be an Engineer or Doctor. A wrong decision at this critical stage will have longterm repercussions on your health, emotional wellbeing and career.

We Can Help

We at Career Guru use a systematic and scientific approach, based on sound scientific research and time-tested theories, discussed earlier, to help you evaluate available options, map a career profile and tentatively shortlist career choices. We will provide you with information and decision support in making career choices, and to move from conflict and confusion stage to clarity. We help you make informed decisions by deeply understanding your core strengths based on analyses of your psychometric traits, socio-economic background, academic performance, talents, interests, family influences, and matching skills, aptitude, attitude, interests, personality traits, parent’s perspective and expectations. This derives a personalised, specific career profile and helps you to choose (shortlist) subjects and career which you are more likely to enjoy and find satisfying in the long term.

Once probable subject and career choices are identified, we provide factual and insightful data about subjects, course content, job requirements, opportunities, lifelong scope, and peak potential in shortlisted careers. When you love your work, you are motivated, energised and confident. This will help you explore your unique potential and talent and work with a sense of fulfilment. You get a complete understanding of what you really are, what you are looking for, and what you really want for yourself. You will have clear goals and solutions to your subject and career questions and will have a clear direction and detailed picture on how to pursue your journey. Through our analysis you will also get to know topics, subjects and areas you need to focus on.

Multiple traits, parameters and intelligences that we assess enable our trained counsellors to match ‘you’ with specific subjects, streams and career options that you are most likely to enjoy and be successful at. They also discuss why, what and how of shortlisted careers and have an in-depth knowledge of career options, routes, pathways, procedure, nature of job and lifetime earning potential. Career Guru counsellor does not decide subjects, streams or career on your behalf but they enable you to reach the right decision. We provide an exhaustive report which provides a detailed, clear and specific analysis of your traits, personality and aptitude. We will report specific areas where for improvement and suggest effective and simple methods, and a plan of action to implement betterment strategies. We suggest stream choices that are matched and best suited to you. Counselling sessions work best in personalised face to face format or online session. Parents are welcome to be a part of the counselling session so that their outlook, vision, dreams and aspirations are also incorporated. You get a complete personalised Plan of Action focusing on your subject and stream selection, career path, and deep focused insights for personality development.

The process of career guidance and counselling doesn’t stop here. We will offer you continuous support, Career Guru counsellors and mentors are happy to help you by scheduling a personalised session, online or through phone if you have queries or confusions. We will work together to ensure your success!

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Class IX & X (14-16 years)- Teen Stars

When students reach class IX-Xth their anxiety level as well as that of parents (may be even more than children) is very high. It’s very common to be bombarded with: ‘Oh, You have boards!’, “Which subjects are you planning to take?”, and endless suggestion on which stream you should take and why, with thousands of examples and stories of somebody’s son or daughter or cousin.

Anxiety is not just about board examination and scores but also about selecting the stream for class XI – Science with Math or Science with Biology, Commerce or Arts/ Humanities. Stream selection determines career path and doors to various careers, but at the same time closes doors for alternate career choices. The pressure and apprehensions are quite high because of one’s own dreams, career goals, aims, aspirations and also because of pressure and expectations of friends, family, peers, and society. Stream selection is an important and critical decision and demands a clear focus of what you want to do and requires parental guidance and support. With zillions of career options available – Career Guru has actually developed a list of more than 12,000 careers – there is no ‘one’ best stream to choose. It’s very common that many students choose a particular stream because of their parents dreams rather than their own, and sometimes due to peer influence. All my friends are taking French, so I will also take French – I am surely we have all heard that!

We at Career Guru believe that this is not the right approach. You should choose the stream based on career path you want to follow and more importantly can follow based on your traits, personality, interests, aptitude strengths, and dreams and aspirations. This way you will have a very bright and fulfilling professional career and personal life. Our trained counsellors, use scientific assessment tools to help you discover your true self and your true calling in a methodological and structured way and match your profile to relevant career options and career pathways, enabling you to make an informed choice of stream.

Questions At This Stage

Career Guru can help you answer questions that become central at this stage of life and career. Through tests and counselling we will enable you to decide: Whether to go for Boarding School or not, if yes, whether to study in India or abroad at this stage, which stream to take, what should we build towards, which subjects to study and why, possible career options and their assessment, how and why of habit formation, attitude development etc? Broad trends and relationships between personality, occupational and educational streams can be determined at this stage – long term career counselling will enable a sharper focus on selection of path, profile building, role models, reading list and final career choice. It’s a very good determining point for future life and career trajectory.

If your dream is to study at an Ivy League University after class 12th then this is the right time to start working towards it. We will co-create your profile and CV over the years to suit the entry requirements of the best institutions in the world like Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, LSE, Oxford, Imperial and other top universities around the world. This also helps in getting international scholarships, funding, need or merit based grants, studentships, travel and research allowances, fellowship etc.

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Class XI & XII (16-18 years) – Young Star

After class 10th examinations students are at the junction of what to do next and where to from here? It’s a very critical stage, an important milestone in Career Planning and Career Development, because many decisions made at this stage are fixed (most of the time), definitive, and mutually exclusive to multiple career choices. Hence career planning is very important at this stage for a smooth transition from school education to professional career. Students must get career counselling and assessment done to take the right career decision. This will be the bedrock for career determination in the immediate future.

Career Guru helps you with all your career queries at this stage. We help students of all streams. We give clear understanding of career options (we have identified 12,000+ careers) and help you explore options and discover ideal career path and strategy for implementing it. We help with selection of career, country (India or abroad), institution, courses, finances and taking your career path forward. Career Guru will help you plan and work towards your first degree keeping in mind individualised personality-occupation synchronicity. For example, we can help science students (PCM or PCB) think beyond Medicine and Engineering (if desired), as there are many other career options by pursuing pure sciences, we can also advise you on stream choices like economics, history, law, commerce, humanities or other subjects.

Once you have decided or shortlisted career options, comes the next crucial stage of course, college, and country selection. Career Guru will help you find and apply to the best colleges in India and abroad. Career Guru helps you with A to Z of college admission process – identify and learn about course options, major and minor streams, information about eligibility criterion, test prep, entrance exams, application and scholarship deadlines, course selection and program choice, colleges and institutions, interview prep, financing options, accommodation choice, country identification, processing of application with LORs and SOPs, and visa and travel assistance as required. Sometimes students are confused if they should choose college over course, or course over college – Career Guru will help you how decide.

Discover your dream career with Career Guru!!

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Graduates (18+ years) – Rock Stars

A Master’s degree is probably the highest educational degree most will get. This is the most critical stage in the career and growth journey. This stage determines the career choices that most will live with for a lifetime, though increasingly individuals are opting for career switch at the mid-career stage. If this is the highest qualification you are going to get, it needs maximum deliberation, planning and strategising. Career Guru will help you answer questions like: Which field and line of career, which country, where (location), which college, will you like to live there, what are the growth prospects in a particular career in a particular location, what about visa requirements, quality of life, will you like to get married and live there, have and raise kids, build a business, retire and so on? Here we will match your personality traits, attitude, and aptitude with professional trajectories and career choices to arrive at a holistic decision that will be relevant at least for the next 5-10 years. To arrive at this decision, we matching from a repository of more than 800 personality traits and over 12,000 jobs, which is probably the most comprehensive assessment at the global level.

We help you with admissions in Top Universities in India as well as Abroad.

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Post Graduates & Working Professionals: Flying Stars

Tired of not achieving your goals?

Career Guru counsellors are experts at not only advising freshmen but working professionals. We will help you in answering a range of questions and deciding issues like:

  1. Which job offer to take? Which is better in short or long term? Why?
  2. Continue with the same job or try for another role in the same organisation?
  3. Ask for a raise or promotion or that prize posting? Now or later?
  4. Continue with the same project/ team or ask for reassignment?
  5. Whether to continue in the same location or agree to a new location if it brings growth?
  6. Will you fit in and thrive or barely survive?
  7. Whether to move international if your Boss says so?
  8. Whether to continue working with the company or change company?
  9. Whether you need new skills, training, certification, or education?
  10. Whether to make that career switch which seems attractive? Does it have a future? Would you fit in? Can you lead the change?
  11. Whether to start a new line of career after having reached mid-career positions?
  12. Whether to continue with a job or become an entrepreneur?
  13. Whether to go solo or with a partner if you are thinking of entrepreneurship?
  14. Whether your job is/will affect your home, partner, and relationships? How will you be able to manage them?
  15. Whether to continue working or take early retirement? Can you handle social and financial anxieties of an early retirement?
  16. Whether you can handle physical and emotional stress of late retirement?
  17. What hobbies to pursue given your personality type?
  18. Which charities to support?

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How it works:

  1. Choose an available date and time
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  5. Block your calendar and connect at the confirmed time. We can meet, talk on the phone, or connect online.

We would love to meet you in person, but if inconvenient, we can talk on the phone or do a video call. Our first session will typically take 30 minutes, though we are not looking at the watch. We will develop a Plan of Action to which you will commit yourself. Counselling frequency will be determined by what and how much you want to achieve. It can typically last 6-10 sessions spread over 5-6 months. Sessions will strive for holistic guidance based on your passion, interest, education, work, and life balance to bring out the best that you can be. Confidentiality is strictly ensured.

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